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Beaver remedy

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Bobromix jes is a means for beavers. Packaging for 1 km of site protection.

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A beaver remedy imitating the smell of a bear and awolf. It has a repellent on beavers and other fains through a unique fragrance that varies depending on the temperature and time of day. High efficiency of the product. The preparation is not toxic to groundwater 100% biologically degradable. For beavers, a more effective method is recommended by applying liquid with an applicator on tree trunks or bushes. In the unseeded area, you can use poles with cloths placed at a height of about 80 cm, soaked in a single dose of 1.5 ml of the preparation. The agent begins to act after 8-10 hours from the first application. The preparation is completely harmless to water bodies and can be used without reservation in protected areas of water zones. The preparation is harmless to aquatic fauna and flora, as well as to commercial and domestic animals. The preparation used in accordance with the instructions is completely harmless to cereals, potatoes, grapes and other susceptible agricultural crops. It is not poisonous, it is not self-propelled or explosive.



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Godny polecenia. Zadziałał natychmiast. Bobry się wyniosły.


Bobromix najlepszy

Niewielki miałam wybór na polskim rynku. Ten preparat jest jednak jedyny który wogóle działa.

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Beaver remedy

Beaver remedy

Bobromix jes is a means for beavers. Packaging for 1 km of site protection.

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