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Aerosol for ants

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Duracid intended as an aerosol for ants in a 500 ml package.

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The aerosol product fights cockroaches, ants in: houses, warehouses, hotels, schools, hospitals and other public buildings, animal shelters, animal messengers and public transport. Duracid Spray is given directly to the places of life of insects, also to their nests. The product forms foam on the sprayed surface. Duracid Spray is characterized by both a strong immediate effect as well as a long-term residual effect. The effectiveness of the product is maintained for at least 14 days. Insects after contact with the product experience immediate paralysis, lose the ability to fly. Usually death occurs within a few minutes of contact with the product. A pack of 500 ml is enough for 25 m square meters of space. Effectiveness is observed already after 10 minutes for the fight against ants, and after 30 minutes for the fight against cockroaches and flies. Apply the preparation to surfaces where insects are observed, in particular the route of the course, the resting place, the landing of flying insects and any crevices and cracks. The preparation can be used outdoors directly into the nests from a safe distance of up to 4 meters. Inside buildings, Duracid Spray can be applied to skirting, crevices, angles and nooks and crannies. The product is also used in kitchens, especially around stoves and refrigerators, as well as in garbage cans and in car trunks.


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Aerosol for ants

Aerosol for ants

Duracid intended as an aerosol for ants in a 500 ml package.

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