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Three-component agent for flies

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Musca Duo three-component 1 kg sensational anti-fly.

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The mechanism of action uses the oligodymamical action of enzymes and koeznzyms. It disrupts the functioning of the musculoskeletal conduction of insects. The product is freeze-dried and therefore a solvent is necessary. At the site of application, it creates a barrier against the cumbersome and prolonged presence of insects, especially useful in apartments, shops, butchers and livestock buildings. The product is not included in the list of poisons and harmful agents, it is not a plant protection product or a biocidal preparation. The contents of the sachet should be mixed with the solvent contained in the bottle and then smeared in places of accumulation of insects, e.g. window sills, lamp poles, sunlit areas of buildings. The product can be covered with strips of cardboard, foil or thin boards and hang under the ceiling. In the case of running insects, it is necessary to smear, corners of walls and floor slats, the area of sewer pipes, surfaces under the sink. Operating period 3 m-ce One pack of 1 kg is sufficient for about 1200 m2 of surface area. One set consists of: 1kg of preparation and solvent


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Three-component agent for flies

Three-component agent for flies

Musca Duo three-component 1 kg sensational anti-fly.

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