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Fly trap

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Red top fly trap. Pack of 8 litres. Enough for 22000 flies. Reusable trap.

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Sensational French red top trap. One trap reduces the number of flies in the environment during the season by about 1.4 million pieces. The luring trap is designed for external use. Thanks to the special outline of the trap, flies easily enter it but are not able to get out of it anymore. They are lured with specially selected treaties of food origin. It is completely organic and does not contain any chemistry. The trap is very easy to use. It is enough to pour into the container the contents of the bag with a luring substance (it is included) and pour 1 liter of tap water. The trap should be hung in a sunny place and after about 4 days it acquires full activation. The trap hangs outside between the source of the fly raid and the buildings at a distance of not less than 15 meters from the buildings.

The trap is ideal for:

- in gardens
- on farms
- for livestock
- on agritourism farms
- and wherever there is a problem with flies

The trap is reusable and can catch up to 22,000 pcs when filled. after this time, the contents should be removed and refilled with bait.
Trap view after 2 days
The contents of the set:

-REDTOP 8L. reusable trap
-Luring sybstancja (bait) 1 pc


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Fly trap

Fly trap

Red top fly trap. Pack of 8 litres. Enough for 22000 flies. Reusable trap.

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