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Granules for moles

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Middle barrier Against Turkuci and Cretes. Pack of 1.2 kg by 24 meters.

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It prevents the occurrence of roaring pests and parasites that live in the roots and root neck of plants, i.e. turkucia snack, moles, voles, mice, brushes, wires, nemtsons and other soil pests. Recommended in horticultural, flowering, meadows, lawns, sports fields.creates a natural barrier product of plant origin, ecological gradually released over time prevents the occurrence of pests prevents the development of parasites: elastic, gamine, etc.nourishes the cultivation of fruit, vegetable, field crops protects the development of plants. The product should be distributed evenly over the entire surface of the substrate, sprinkled or mixed with a small amount of soil. The recommended dose is 40-50g per m2. (two dispensers). The best results can be achieved by repeating the dose every 30-40 days. The product can be applied directly to the holes of tunnels inhabited by pests in the amount of 30-40g per hole. After each application, water the place with water. It is recommended to maintain increased humidity in the substrate. Precipitation and irrigation enhance the effect of the product.




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Granules for moles

Granules for moles

Middle barrier Against Turkuci and Cretes. Pack of 1.2 kg by 24 meters.

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