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Mole repeller

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Vibrating mole repeller Motor Molechaser at 1500m2.

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Specially designed technology of strong Moto-vibration makes this repeller the most professional device in the entire series of underground rodent repellers available on the market. It allows you to clean the terrain from rodents even the most resistant sound systems. Dimensions: length: 41 cm. diameter: 4 cm,
Range: 1500m2,
Frequency: 300 - 1000 Hz,
Power supply: 4 R20 batteries,
Housing: stainless steel,
Energy-saving power supply up to 6 msc. on one set of batteries,
CE safety certificate.



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Miałem wiele odstraszaczy i różnie działały lub nie. Co w tym jest nie wiem ale w pełni skuteczny z bardzo mocnymi wibracjami. Polecam krety się wyniosły

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Mole repeller

Mole repeller

Vibrating mole repeller Motor Molechaser at 1500m2.

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