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Seed gassing plate

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Degesh 56 GE is an insecticide in the form of gas-emitting plates by chemical reaction to 5 tons.

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The product is intended for disinfestation of empty warehouses, cereal grains, cereal-milling products, leguminous seeds, nuts, dried fruits, oil seeds, herbs and tobacco.
It fights the following storage pests: grain beef, rice volk, pea pod, bean pod, biting triplet, ulca troika, rust flattener, surnam granary, breadcake resin, cigar spruce, thrips and granary palpation.
The action of hydrogen phosphorus consists in paralysis of the fighting pest after gas enters its body.
One plate measuring 28 x 17 cm and weighing 117g emits 33g of hydrogen phosphorus.

The gas does not affect the aroma and taste of treated food products. It does not affect the germination of seeds and does not leave toxic residues on processed products. You do not need tiles as in the case of gassing tablets to put on the pimation or push them. It is enough to put them in a room anywhere near aerated goods. How it operates: the tiles begin to release poison gas with sufficient delay to leave the room. Dosage: the product is ready for use after removing the plate from the film.

dose: 6.6 g/t =1 plate per 5 t

cultivation: barley in bulk

dose: 1.34 - 3 g/m3 =1 plate per 11-25 m3

cultivation: seeds of large-seeded legumes in bags, beans, shelled peas

dose: 1.34 – 2.18 g/m3 = 1 plate per 15-25 m3

cultivation: nuts, dried fruit, oilseeds in bags, walnut, hazelnut, shelled sunflower, shelled pumpkin seeds, poppy seed, raisins, dried, figs, plums, apricot, flaxseed

dose: 1.5-3.3 g/m3 = 1g/10-22m3

cultivation: herbs in bags, herbs in paper bags: oak bark, horse chestnut bark, valerian roots, fiver rhizomes, linden inflorescence, hawthorn flower, elderflower, horse chestnut seeds, flax seeds, mint leaves, dairy leaves, raspberry fruits, blackcurrant, hawthorn fruit, hop cones fruit, St. John's wort, yarrow, filament,

dose: 1.05-1.57 g/m3 = 1 plate per 21 – 31 m3

cultivation: tobacco in bales (coated with jute or packed in cartons)

dose: 1.6 g/m3 = 1 plate/21 m3

cultivation: empty rooms

dose: 3 g/m3 = 1 plate per 11 m3

cultivation: rice in bags

dose: 2.18-3 g/m3 = 1 plate/11-15 m3

cultivation: cereal and milling preparations in bags, cereal-milling preparations in paper bags, bare groats, buckwheat, semolina, wheat bran, corn flour, oatmeal


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Seed gassing plate

Seed gassing plate

Degesh 56 GE is an insecticide in the form of gas-emitting plates by chemical reaction to 5 tons.

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