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Backpack sprayer stihl 12 liters

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Original backpack sprayer with 12 litre pressure gauge.

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The innovative shut-off valve allows for a high level of comfort and cares for precise work. The exit of the hose is located in the middle of the container. The user gains freedom of movement when working with the sprayer. With the help of a serial conical nozzle, the distributed agent can be precisely sprayed. The pump located inside, near the housing provides effective protection against damage. The pump lever can be remounted in seconds from left to right and vice versa. Thanks to this, both right-handed and left-handed people are provided with a comfortable working experience. The length of the lever is also adjustable. Practical carrying handle with balanced centre of gravity for convenient transport without rocking the device. The belt fastening at the top is firmly attached and attached to the handle at the bottom. The backpack belt can be mounted in two ways according to the user's height. Three dispensers with capacities: 10 ml, 20ml and 50ml are integrated into the lid of the container. Allows you to safely pack spray equipment during storage and transport. The additional handle is used to effectively attach the non-series cover available in the non-series equipment to protect the liquid stream from excessive spraying.


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Backpack sprayer stihl 12 liters

Backpack sprayer stihl 12 liters

Original backpack sprayer with 12 litre pressure gauge.

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