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Remedy for fleas

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Unique aerosol against the parasite for use indoors. Protection for 7 months. Pack of 3 pack of 3 pieces.

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Kills fleas and ticks, flea eggs, cockroaches, ants, spiders, mosquitoes and sugar fish. It works on fleas tipped in carpets, mats, curtains, upholstery, dog bedding and crevices in the floor. Can be used in rooms, living rooms, garages and construction sites. It does not leave a long-lasting smell. Provides protection for 7 months. The main advantage of the product is that when set in the room, its contents are gradually released, so that the aerosol gets to all the necessary places. Thanks to this, it is possible to completely eliminate undesirable parasites.

Application: All surfaces on which food is prepared should be covered during use or thoroughly washed after use. Foodstuffs should be covered or disposed of. Before applying the aerosol, it is necessary to vacuum thoroughly. For maximum effect, open the doors of all cabinets, cabinets and entrance doors to the room. Clean or cover lying groceries, plates, kitchen utensils and surfaces on which food is prepared. Do not leave animals or birds indoors and cover the aquariums. Place the aerosol in the middle of the room, on the raised (stand or table) and insert the news paper under it. At the same time, spread the news papier on the floor, within a radius of about one step from the spray site. Before turning on, tilt the bottle in the direction from the face (the aerosol escapes from the bottle straight up). Press the edge of the pinch firmly down so that it latchs. After activating the aerosol, immediately leave the room or house. Leave the "poisoned" area in confinement for at least 2 hours. Then open all windows and doors and leave open for an hour before returning to the room.



Świetny przy zwierzętach polecam

Pcheł się pozbyłam z domu a mam 2 psy. Sklep godny polecenia. Błyskawiczna dostawa.


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I can only give a positive opinion as a dog breeder. I have never been disappointed with this preparation.

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Remedy for fleas

Remedy for fleas

Unique aerosol against the parasite for use indoors. Protection for 7 months. Pack of 3 pack of 3 pieces.

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